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Email Marketing Strategist

Email Marketing Strategist Wanted – Only Serious Applicants Needed

We’re ambitious at &BAM. We’ve been growing since day one and we don’t intend to stop. You need to be able to match that drive.

Our clients make six to seven figures in revenue. Monthly.

The email marketing we do can be responsible for 20 – 30% of that. Sometimes 50%.

That’s a lot of their $$$ that’s directly related to the quality of our work.

That’s why we hold ourselves to 2 important rules.

Rule #1: Get shit done.

Rule #2: Don’t be fucking boring.

Sound like you?

“But what do I get in exchange for handling this pressure and always being interesting?”

Pretty much unmatchable perks:

You work when you want, where you want.

  • You work remotely from wherever you have a reliable internet connection.
  • You control your hours. Just don’t miss your deadlines and keep your clients happy.

You will grow personally and professionally.

  • The company is growing. That means you can do the same within it.
  • The skills you have will be honed. The ones you don’t will be developed

And a competitive salary.

  • Receive bonuses for bringing in new clients

But these perks come with responsibility. You will:

  • Manage the relationship between us and a client. The clients you manage will be scattered across global time zones. That cannot affect your quality of communication with them.
  • Manage interdepartmental relationships, your clients success hinges on your ability to brief the creative and tech teams accurately and effectively.
  • Manage the day to day execution of email campaigns.
  • Generate and implement monthly and quarterly email strategies that help your clients achieve their goals.
  • Develop and execute email optimization strategies.
  • Be responsible for the success of your clients accounts, you will be evaluated on the $ and % growth of the email channel.
  • Upsell services to existing clients.

The person we are looking for has:

  • Impeccable internal and external communication.
  • Is passionate about email marketing.
  • Has a good mix of strategic, creative and project management ability.
  • Embodies the values of our organization:
    • Get shit done
    • If you can be anything be kind
    • Learn & share
    • Clear, consistent, concise, constant communication
    • Being eager and proactive
    • Don’t be fucking boring
    • Raise expectations of yourself and others

So you’re hooked, you know the scope of the work and you believe you’re qualified.

Walk away now if:

  • You have poor time management. We can’t send a Christmas email at Easter.
  • You hate challenges. Your creativity will constantly be tested with us.
  • You can’t take feedback.
  • You can’t be accountable for your actions.

To summarize: this position is for someone who has a high level of expectation for themselves, the discipline to get shit done without excuses and who genuinely enjoys learning from a challenge.

When you start we’ll make sure you have support, but we’re not looking to train you from scratch.

It helps your argument if you have proof of experience in account management, eCommerce, email marketing and working remotely.

Along with a lifetime of experience not being boring.

Before you apply, you should know we really like the people we work with. Even though we’re scattered across the globe, there’s a strong sense of support and community.

If we could handle the growing workload with our current team without sacrificing any quality, we would.

But the fact is, we can’t.

If you are hired, you are walking into a group of people who have endlessly high expectations of one another.

We will not lower them for you.

But if you give us your best, we will return it with ours.

So, do we need you?

Fill out this form and convince us.

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