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Account Manager

Account Manager Wanted – Only Serious Applicants Needed

We’re ambitious at &BAM. The company has been growing since day one and we don’t intend to stop.

You need to be able to match that drive.

Our clients make six to seven figures in revenue. Monthly. The email marketing we’re responsible for can bring in 20 – 30% of that. Sometimes up to 50%. That’s a lot of their $$$ that’s directly related to the quality of our work

You need to be able to handle that pressure and remain accountable for your performance.

We’re creative and efficient. We refuse to be boring.

You must exemplify these qualities.

“But what do I get in exchange for handling this pressure and always being interesting?”

Pretty much unmatchable perks:

  • You work when you want, where you want.
  • You work remotely from wherever you have a reliable internet connection.
  • You control your hours. Just don’t miss your deadlines and keep your clients happy.

You will grow personally and professionally.
The company is growing. That means you can do the same within it.
The skills you have will be honed. The ones you don’t will be developed
And a competitive salary starting at: $3000 / month

But these perks come with responsibility. You will:

  • Have impeccable internal and external communication.
  • Manage the relationship between us and a client. The clients you speak to will be scattered across global timezones. That cannot affect your quality of communication with them
  • Manage a creative team.
  • Upsell services to existing clients.
  • Even get to bring in new clients for extra bonuses
  • Generate and implement winning marketing strategies.
  • Report directly to the CEO.
  • Embody the values of the organization:
    • Get stuff done
    • If you can be anything be kind
    • Learn & share
    • Clear consistent concise constant communication
    • Being eager and proactive

So you’re hooked, you know the scope of the work and you believe you’re qualified.

Walk away now if:

  • You have poor time management. We can’t send a Christmas email at Easter.
  • You hate challenges. Your creativity will constantly be tested with us.
  • You can’t take feedback.
  • You can’t be accountable for your actions.

To summarize: this position is for someone who has a high level of expectation for themselves, the discipline to get sh*t done without excuses and who genuinely enjoys learning from a challenge.

When you start we’ll make sure you have support, but we’re not looking to train you from scratch.

It helps your argument if you have proof of experience in account management, eCommerce, email marketing and working remotely.

Along with a lifetime of experience not being boring.

Before you apply, you should know we really like the people we work with. Even though we’re scattered across the globe, there’s a strong sense of support and community.

If we could handle the growing workload with our current team without sacrificing any quality, we would.

But the fact is, we can’t.

If you are hired, you are walking into a group of people who have endlessly high expectations of one another.

We will not lower them for you.

But if you give us your best, we will return it with ours.

So, do we need you?
Email and convince us.

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Digital Marketing Copywriter

Full time

Location: Remote (ability to work North American business hours is essential).

Starting salary: $30,000 to $36,000 USD. 

Who We Are

At &BAM we don’t just “do email” we build strategic messaging plans for our clients to nurture their prospects and customers into delighted, loyal, repeat customers. ECommerce brands everywhere need the strategic system we deliver.

Job Description

We have a full roster of clients and a growing waitlist. We are looking for a vibrant Copywriter with email writing experience to join our team. Our vision is to help [50] companies get [30]% of their revenue from email and other messaging platforms. That can only happen when our team cares for our clients’ customers like they’re our own. The mission of the Copywriter is to deliver efficient and imaginative email campaigns that help our clients achieve revenue results. This role will work closely with an Account Manager and a Designer to execute strategic email campaigns that delight our clients and deliver exceptional results.

Key deliverables will include:

Write effective email campaigns.

  • Write effective email campaigns for up to 15 clients at a time.
  • Complete each assigned email campaign within 1 hour or less.
  • Achieve and maintain an open rate of [20]%, a click through rate of [1-3]%, and methodically test your copy for constant improvement.

Achieve revenue targets.

  • In collaboration with your team, achieve $[500,000] in revenue through 2019.
  • Assist the Account Manager and CEO with proposal writing as required.

Achieve customer satisfaction metrics.

  • In collaboration with your team, achieve [90]% “high” customer satisfaction ratings year over year.
  • In collaboration with your team, achieve a [90]% client retention rate year over year.
  • Assist the Account Manager with developing case studies to highlight outstanding results by the &Bam team for dissemination to clients (and other stakeholders / interested parties) monthly.

Be a good team player / thought leader.

  • Collaborate effectively with the CEO, Account Managers, Designers, and other team members throughout the year.
  • Act as a valuable thought partner to Account Managers. Identify and communicate opportunities and potential risks facing the business.
  • Embody the values of the organization, particularly a commitment to ongoing learning and testing.

Our Workplace Philosophy

We love work and play (and we do it from wherever we want) – If you’re obsessed with delivering the best experience possible in between full moon mixers and Spanish lessons, keep reading. We live/breathe/sleep the digital marketer’s hustle from all over the world.

We are a 100% virtual organization to accommodate our workers, clients, and partners around the world. That includes core team members. Telecommuting (and highly-dedicated contractors who see us as their most important responsibility) are important to our work approach because they allow us to vet, hire, and develop the best talent potential around the world.

We continually learn from each other and our clients. The group is always smarter than the individual. We listen, we value different viewpoints, then we synthesize and move forward rapidly.

We are agile. In business, to us this means: (1) it must not be perfect at first, (2) we get it out there quickly in the hands of real people who really use it, and (3) we rapidly and continually improve it based on actual feedback, not guesswork.

Consider those principles as you work through our hiring process.

Before You Start: Universal Prerequisites

These are bare minimum prerequisites for applying. (Caution: These are only a starting point—they do not describe everything we specifically look for in your interviews):

  • You have read Digital Marketing by Digital Marketer.
  • You are excited about E-commerce and understand its place in the post-Amazon era.
  • You have the ability to work in a North American time zone.
  • You have demonstrable experience in creative writing (including emails), and have taken at least [one] high-level writing course.
  • You have at least [one] year of experience in E-commerce.
  • You have at least [one] year of remote working experience.
  • You are fluent in English and have excellent communication skills, both written and spoken.
  • You have the ability to join team and client meetings (web based voice and video chat) given reasonable notice.
  • You exemplify initiative, intelligence and coachability.

Equal Opportunity. We do not discriminate on the basis of anything other than your potential and demonstrated ability to perform the work, where and when required, at the highest levels of professionalism, quality, integrity, and productivity.

What We Offer

  • $30,000 to $36,000 USD in base salary.
  • The opportunity to work from anywhere (as long as you are in a North American time zone).
  • Autonomy.
  • An opportunity to grow alongside an exciting, innovative company with ambitious plans to scale.
  • Career advancement.
  • Full training for the role will be provided.
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